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Disputes in dental practice come in all shapes and sizes. To resolve your dispute you need a willingness to compromise, an experienced mediator and a way reducing the agreement to writing. As a dentist since 1982, a lawyer since 2006 and counsel (barrister) specialising in dental matters since 2011, Brad has the right blend of skills and experience to bring your matter to a conclusion so you can get on with your dental life.

Dental Dispute Resolution Services

Our services cover the full spectrum of dispute resolution and mediation, see below for some of the key services we offer.



Mediation services, no matter how large or small the issue Brad Wright can assist as barrister dentist and accredited mediator and arbitrator.



If you have a commercial dispute and agreeing to disagree is not an option, then having an arbitrator decide the issue can be much more efficient than litigation



If parties need assistance in coming to an agreement about the sale of a practice, then facilitation can work well. This meagan appropriate person can guide you through a heads of agreement.



Sometimes, it can be helpful to conciliate a dispute, where it is similar to mediation, but the mediator acts as a conciliator and expresses views and outcomes to help the parties come to an agreement